Employability & Gromming @OSSCGI

Education is the process of facilitating learning for the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. In fact, education ensures the overall development of an Individual.

It is crucial that our students rise upto the competitive standards, to be employable in the best corrporate Houses and
Industry.The institute reaches out to the best consulting organizations to prepare students by assessing their talent
and providing them with the opportunities to meet up with the merit driven employment market



Colleges announce a particular period, mostly during the final year of graduation, for companies to visit for college hiring. These placement drives are often conducted over a long period including three important phases – pre campus placement, placement drive, and post-campus placement

The pre-campus placement drives invite prestigious companies on campus, and many of these companies are on the dream list of companies for students. They visit much before the placement drives and pick up the brightest students. This phase may or may not happen depending on your college ranking and preference.

The post campus placement drive period will still see some companies on campus, but they are not preferred much and might even have low salaries. These companies often know that most of the students have already got jobs and the probability of getting a lucrative job offer is quite low.

Preparation for the aptitude tests –
Most companies use aptitude tests to filter out students, and you need to be equipped with common questions and go through the basis of aptitude tests.

 working on resume –
This ideally needs to be done a few months before the placement drives. You need to start working on building your resume, the quickest way to do so is by getting certifications.

preparation for the Group Discussion –
The group discussion stage is where most freshers become nervous in the placement drives. This is because of lack of preparation!


Preparation for personal interview process –
This is the toughest stage of placement drives, and many students fail to prepare for this. Use a tool like MockAI which helps you with common interview questions and lets you give mock interviews.


Placement Training

Training and Placement Cell makes sure that each and every student must get a chance to sit in a placement drive organized by them. They make sure our students get practical e as well as theoretical knowledge which are must for industrial work. 

They keep notifying ht students if there is an open campus drive nearby and they make necessary arrangements. 


Open Campus & Closed Campus Placements